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About us

Mato Grosso Marble & Stone Trade is a company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of decorative articles made of marble, onyx and granite. Always committed to our clients, with values ​​and philosophies that are put into practice every work day.


Manufacture products free of defects, satisfying the needs of the client in quality, services, elegance and exclusivity. as well as respect the manufacturing and distribution times for all our clients.


To be a recognized company positioned in the National and International Market, innovative and always thinking of continuous improvement, thus being one of the most important companies in the field.


Values ​​and Philosophies Continuous improvement:


We know that in a market as competitive as this one, we have to be constantly improving, both in service and in processes. Innovation: At Mato Grosso Marble & Stone Trade we have a commitment to our clients, innovating top quality articles, to satisfy the needs of each one of them.


Teamwork: We know that when you work as a team, success reaches everyone equally.

  Luis Arredondo.       


  Michel Avalos.